About us

As paediatric nurses we worked in hospitals for many years. One question always persisted in our minds: “What will happen to the child once it comes back home? Who will provide the care that he or she needs?”

In the November of the year 2002 Mrs. Bandekow started researching the existence of an organization that specializes in home care for children in Brandenburg. She found an institution called Bundesverband Häusliche Kinderkrankenpflege. The federal association appreciated the interest and went on to support her while she made the first steps in creating an organization that takes care of and supports children at home.

Mrs. Bandekow gathered like-minded parties like nurses and parents until in October 2003 the association Häusliche Kinderkrankenpflege Brandenburg e.V. was founded. Further preparations were made and in August 2004 the work could finally begin.

Today we work in multiple teams in the north, south and east of Brandenburg – and in consultation further away – and support children of every age, from newborns to 18-year-olds, at home in family settings.

We are a team of skilled, qualified nurses and are also supported by young colleagues who are being trained at medical schools. This mixture lets us grow and evolve together. To ensure the quality of our work and for the good of the patients that are entrusted to us, our employees actively participate in further trainings to improve their knowledge and skills even further.