Our services

The diversity of our range of care services stems from the individuality of our patients.

We distinguish our patients in regard to the severity of their condition and the scale of their needs. Therefore we have patients where we only act in supporting capacity, but also ones where we actively carry out diverse medical activities.

We perform our services on the basis of medical presciptions, that get issued by paediatricians, social paediatric centres or hospitals.

Hereinafter you get a short overview of our services. You can get further information in the corresponding menu items.

Transitional care – ensures that the patients get transferred from the hospital to the outpatient care smoothly, where the necessary care gets continued seamlessly.

Treatment Care – includes medical activities, which need to be performed by qualified personnel.

Prevention Care – replacement care, in case the main caregiver (e.g. the caring parents of a child) is temporarily prevented from providing care.

Palliative Care – holistic care concept for supporting seriously ill people, perishing people and their realtives.

Nursing employment according to §37 Abs. 3 SGB XI (Beratungseinsatz f. Pflegekasse)